Move to Azure in a controlled but autonomous way based on Altogee Start2Azure

Altogee is a Gold Azure Cloud Platform partner and Managed Service Provider operating as a rusted advisor and outsourcing partner for customers that want to be able to focus on their core-business. Creating servers in Azure is easy, preparing an enterprise-grade and cost-efficient architecture that benefits from the ever increasing advantages the Azure cloud has to offer however requires training and expertise.

For those customers Altogee created the Start2Azure programme


Translating the desired to be solution to both a technical and service architecture is a logical first step. Mapping the technical architecture with Azure components and build a business case is next.

Create and Build

Build your environment at your own pace supported by Altogee in case of technical issues or design questions.

Quality Checks and Go Live

Have your environment validated against the inital architecture, the operational readyness and service level risks.

Architect as a Service

Consult with your dedicated Architect for any future project or change in operating model

Start with a Plan

It goes without saying that every case is different and has to be tailored to the current and future operating model of your company.
Altogee always keeps your ambitions, requirements and budget in mind by building a business case and a roadmap.
A roadmap that will allow for gradual but steady migration to the target operating model.